Smooth Scroll Plugin




The following options, shown with their default values, are available for both $.fn.smoothScroll and $.smoothScroll:

  offset: 0,

  // one of 'top' or 'left'
  direction: 'top',

  // only use if you want to override default behavior
  scrollTarget: null,

  // fn(opts) function to be called before scrolling occurs.
  // `this` is the element(s) being scrolled
  beforeScroll: function() {},

  // fn(opts) function to be called after scrolling occurs.
  // `this` is the triggering element
  afterScroll: function() {},
  easing: 'swing',
  speed: 400,

  // coefficient for "auto" speed
  autoCoefficent: 2,

  // $.fn.smoothScroll only: whether to prevent the default click action
  preventDefault: true


The options object for $.fn.smoothScroll can take two additional properties: exclude and excludeWithin. The value for both of these is an array of selectors, DOM elements or jQuery objects. Default value for both is an empty array.


Additional Option

The following option, in addition to those listed for $.fn.smoothScroll above, is available for $.smoothScroll:

  // jQuery set of elements you wish to scroll.
  //  if null (default), $('html, body').firstScrollable() is used.
  scrollElement: null,




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